Triángulo APreciado, 6.ª edición!

Using the new edition of Triángulo APreciado 6.ª, your students will develop the necessary cultural and linguistic competence to communicate effectively and excel on the AP® Spanish Language and Culture exam.

Your sample provides thirty days of everything available to a Triángulo educators in the Learning Site - from proficiency-driven tasks and assessments, to customized feedback options. For optimal reviewing, we'll include a Learning Site orientation video in your sample activation email. Use the help features or live tech support if you have questions as you navigate; we're here to support you!


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Advanced Placement, Advanced Placement Program, AP®, And Pre-AP® Are Registered Trademarks Of The College Board, Which Was Not Involved In The Production Of, And Does Not Endorse This Product. The current mentions and practice of the persuasive essay and cultural comparison components will be updated to align with the 2020 College Board AP Spanish Language and Composition exam guidelines prior to the official release of this product.