We're Expanding Access and Content for World Language Teachers

Wayside is proud to announce our new partnership with Fluency Matters! As we join forces, we hope you will be excited to see all the new offerings we can provide to you! More learner-centricity, more support, and more sharing of best practices and industry knowledge mean you will have even more tools to guide your students to proficiency.

The Fluency Matters library of Comprehension-based readers, audio resources, and e-learning materials have already attracted a large network of collaborative and like-minded educators. Their accessible and engaging materials offer many ways to supplement Wayside’s proficiency-based programs!

This fall, you will see our teams come together to offer new resources to communities while maintaining the Fluency Matters and Wayside Publishing niches you love. Fluency Matters' vision for empowering language learners and sharing diverse cultural perspectives is a perfect complement to Wayside’s focus on proficiency and interculturality. We are certain the synergy of these two teams will result in one powerhouse duo! We are proud to be part of this growing community of dedicated educators and look forward to transforming world language education together!

To learn more about Fluency Matters and how they can help you, mosey on over and check them out!

Please email us with any questions you may have.

In partnership,